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What is the single most important action you could take today to change your current situation and the world around you?

Are you experiencing fear, suppressing anxiety, or having doubt? Do you struggle with searching for solutions to your problems?

The answer lies not in what other’s can do, fix, share, answer, or help you with but in what you can, would, might, and should do for others. You see, our world is resting on a very important scale. At this time of uncertainty, people hold back, hoard, covet, and become very attached to their STUFF. Scientists have proven that everything is energy and all of these feelings create the energy of scarcity in one’s life.

People actually attract less by holding on to more. We are like salmon swimming upstream and become counterproductive by blocking the flow of receiving.

I had a client who took 9 trash bags of stuff from her office to the curb and placed a free sign on top. She doubled her income the next week. You can take immediate action to start the flow of receiving by gifting to others.

Know that when you give, you generate more space for choice and more room to receive. By clearing out that which doesn’t serve you any longer, you are then able to function from a larger area to generate what you truly desire.

I challenge you to go above and beyond to share your gifts and talents in helping others. Listen to what other people require and gift to them. You may not have a Million Dollars or $1,000, or $500 or $10.00 but you do have what it takes to make a difference.

Consider yourself standing on the edge of another’s pond of life and begin by placing a single drop of infinite unconditional love into it. Expect nothing in return but know that the positive ripples you have created in someone else’s pond reach much farther than you can ever imagine because that pond is connected to every other person’s pond in the world like a chain of lakes.

You then have made a difference.

It is everyone’s (HUMANITIES) responsibility and should be considered our mission to make a difference in someone else’s life on a daily basis.

Be great…reach out…think big….do more….and all those positive ripples will continuously return to you creating the abundance you so truly desire for your life.

Susan Shatzer