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  • What if being WRONG was the key to making your relationship RIGHT? This is an extremely useful tool one can use whenever necessary to smooth the waters. The key to this tool is that almost everyone in the world feels WRONG at some point or other and therefore determined to prove they are right.

This example from Gary Douglas, the founder of Access ConsciousnessTM, will illustrate it beautifully. A woman was dealing via email with an employee in another country who was filled with rage and fury. After receiving a five-paragraph email, the woman wrote back, “You’re right, I’m wrong. What can I do to make it up to you?” The employee moved from being a volcano of anger to saying, “Never mind, it was just bad judgment on everyone’s part.”

Most people function from the position of resisting and reacting to a situation. Douglas is not saying “You have to BE wrong. You just have to SAY you’re wrong.” Would you admit there is immense power in being willing to be wrong when no one else is willing to do it? It’s that easy
and once you’ve tried it, it’s that fun!!

  • What if you chose to view everything your partner says and does as just an “Interesting Point Of View (IPOV)”? This is a radically different way of looking at things for many people and it actually allows each person in the relationship to be truly who they are. If you take everything your partner says as a message about you, it forces him or her to put you first in all their decisions and leaving themselves out. Shift to having an IPOV. What if everything your partner says, has said, done, or has done, had nothing to do with you, but was an expression of who they really are? Doesn’t that feel light?


  • The best predictor of how a relationship will be is how the relationship is now. Look at who you are with, not who you wish you were with. If that past, lost love was really so great, then why are they past and not present? The guy or gal in front of you has one great advantage over everyone you could have fantasized about– -they’re present. Get excited about the infinite possibilities the two of you can generate, create and institute together with ease. Make it your priority today to be the true you and create the relationship you’ve always desired just for fun!

Keep me posted as to the Magic that shows up in your life!!