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In ‘Distractor Implants’ (a teleclass series with Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer), Gary talks about "Anger." He describes distractor implants as, “Everything that will distract you from what will actually give you freedom. What you get into is a place where you are in reaction and not action– you do not have the capacity for action, only reaction.”

People who do anger are using that to get a reaction out of you. And they’re also interested in you, not being able to act, and being compromised in your point-of- view by their presence and their anger. ‘99% of people, who do anger, do it as a way of getting control.’ GD

When you use anger or any of the distractor implants, they act as a force against your body, which keeps you in a constant state of adrenalin pump and reaction and never in a state of action.

Dr. Dain Heer suggests that when you are in the middle of your own anger, say, “All of the distractor implants creating this, I now destroy and uncreate them.” And then run the Access Clearing Statement. You will notice your energy shift.

Gary created the following process for the teleclass.
“What physical actualization of the unchangeable & unalterable disease of potency and power are you not acknowledging, as the source for the creation of what is hidden beneath all distractor implants?”

Every thing that is, times a Godzillion, will you destroy & uncreate it all please? Right & wrong, good & bad, pod poc, all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds.

If you missed the teleclass series, it will be available in the Access Consciousness
Shop, after the series is completed. Ed.

By Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness
“What if, retirement is not the end of you (and your body) being valuable,generative and creative?”