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I have taught my family and my clients:

When it is time to go to bed, you will think, say, believe and live these three sentences.
1. “Today is over.”
2. “Tomorrow is a new day.”
3. “Tomorrow will be a great day, because I choose.”

Now think it over and over, say it over and over, believe it over and over and you will live it over and over. It may sound corny at first but this is one method I have developed which will give you very strong results by using these three simple sentences.

And here is why;

This simple mantra has relived much stress, granted the person living it a much better night’s sleep, and ultimately had a major impact on the person’s relationships on a daily basis. Did you notice, I said, LIVING IT. There is a difference between, thinking, saying, being, and living something. It just so happens that this difference is HUGE!!

You may want to attempt this process on a daily basis for many reasons. The first couple times, you are just thinking about the words. The next couple times, you are saying the words. After some time, you believe the words and eventually you live this elementary principle that has a very powerful affect of the here and now as well as the rest of your life and those around you.

People usually head to bed and at this quiet point, do a daily review of things, events, people, accomplishments, disappointments etc. This is a critical time of the day and offers one of great value:

What you think about, you talk about, what you talk about, you bring about. Ultimately, what you think about you are! If you’re thinking what a great day you had and review pleasant thoughts, happy moments, good choices, then, your subconscious, which is not aware of what is true or false, believes you had a great day. Your life will benefit by helping the body to stay healthy. On the contrary is also just as important to what you will bring about for yourself, your body and your life. If you spend time thinking about the unpleasant thoughts you had, unhappy moments, the bad choices you had made and stressful situations, then, your subconscious also believes you had a bad day and in turn the body is taxed with this negative energy.

Have you ever heard the phrase, you heal when you sleep. Why is it that some people heal faster than others? Could it be the simple difference between being a positive or negative person?

Men and women and children learn to take the day to bed with them. We take the good with the bad. To change this negative routine, means to let it go. You probably want to know how to do this: Easier said than done but very important to learn to achieve this, the sooner the better.

Every night of sleep lost is another layer of negativity that builds up on you. Over time, your body breaks down, your sleep becomes distorted, and you begin to show signs of disease.

DISEASE stands for Dis-ease. This is where your body and mind are after a period of time with built up negativity. Negativity is anything that induces stress: fighting, fatigue, lack of happiness, anger, sadness, grief, regret, jealousy, could have, should have, would have, etc. If you find yourself, thinking and/saying these things, YOU ARE NEGATIVE!

The same is also true when you go to bed, congratulating yourself on all the wonderful things that you did today. You take time to praise yourself and review all the great moments of what was said, what was shared, and how you felt. There are greater benefits to ending your day with these thoughts than the previous. YOU AE POSITIVE!

“Today is over.” This is important because it gives your body and mind a stopping point to calculate the totals. All the great things you did on this day is now OVER. All the home runs you made, all the deals you closed, all the people you helped, all the prayers you said are now over.

“Tomorrow is a new day.” This is also important because it gives the body and mind a new starting point. You have now allowed yourself to release what happened good or bad knowing, you cannot changes the things that have been thought about, spoken about or acted upon.

Side note: you now have a new day to correct the mistakes you have made. Learn from them so as not to achieve them again. Whether they were negative thoughts (ie above), negative words, and/or negative actions tomorrow is a fresh start. You are now able to purposely move in a more positive direction.

“Tomorrow will be a great day.” Allows the body and mind to know that it is your intention to think, say, and be positive. Become aware of your thought, words and actions. Your negativity gets passed to those around you at any given time. You may be the friend or co-worker who sucks the life out of everyone else. You are a drainer and not fun to be around. Positive people must limit their time with you because of the drain you have on their energy. People gravitate to those who lift them up. They are fun, friendly, peaceful etc. It is natural to want to spend more time with those who give energy and not take it from you. Try to become aware of how you feel when you spend time with people, in person, on the phone, texting, email etc. You will learn to spot those who drain you and those who don’t. It is then your choice to continue to allow them to drain you or not. Everyone has choices, some are tougher than others. Whether we are kids choosing the shoes to wear to school or what food to eat for lunch; we all have choices.

“Because I choose; gives your mind and body a heads up about you having the ability and will to make choices tomorrow. By saying, “You Choose.”, you restate the fact that you have opportunities and are not trapped without choice. Your choices may be light like what will I
wear today or heavier ones that require more thought and consideration.

When you go to bed, you lay down the day and reinforce to mind and body that you will be at it again tomorrow with a rejuvenated spirit of being the best you can be. It is nice and imperative you know, you have a new chance to do good things for yourself and others. You have the option to make good choices or not. You will have chances and choices to make positive thoughts, to increase positive energy, to engage in positive situations with positive people and above all to pass this on to everyone you know.

Susan Shatzer