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Your job today is to GIFT someone. The person you have blessed will continue to receive blessings over and over again because of your single random act of genuine kindness. In turn, this person will remember how special they felt from your gift and be willing to positively impact another person. You will create a huge wave of love that will circle the Earth. One person can and does make a difference.

Think of all the possibilities that single act of random kindness can and will have on that one person. They will feel better about themselves. They will treat others in their life better because of how good you helped them feel. They will step out of their comfort zone and take a risk to advance themselves in a different direction of greatness. Think about how you positively impacted this person and all the people
in their life that will be positively impacted. All because you chose to make a difference in someone else’s life!!

If 1 person can make that great of a difference, how great will it be when 10,100, 1,000 or 10,000 people make a conscious decision to make a difference? How incredible will it be when Administration and Management around the world decide to positively impact their employees? How absolutely amazing will it be in the world when parents , grandparents, teachers, pastors, policemen, judges, Dr.’s, lawyers, politicians, men, women, children etc. share something wonderful with another human being!! You will make the most of every moment!

There are an infinite number of opportunities you have every day for doing good things and making positive differences in other people’s lives!! You can choose! You may choose! You should choose! You will choose! The choice is yours!!

I know you are great and will make a greater difference in this world!! The time is now! How profound you are and powerful with words and actions!! You are amazing beyond belief and can inspire others instantly!! I believe humanity is above bitterness and instead blessed with the ability to make change and create new beginnings!! I encourage everyone to begin with a single act to generate a new wave of love throughout the world. You are wonderful, gifted, and have the understanding of knowledge being power. Use this new information to make a
difference today and I challenge you to double it the next!!

I would love to hear about the differences you make!
Love and Light,
Susan Shatzer