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How to Become Money 2-Part Teleseries


Are you ready to take the next step and transform your life into something even greater than you ever thought possible?  

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The How to Become Money Bonus pack includes 2 Conscious Calls and 3 Bonusses

Call 1:  Clear The TOP 10 Limitations Holding You Back

  • Release 10 different specific limitations that hold people back
  • Identify and Eliminate your Interesting Points of View
  • Learn what is and isn’t actually a question
  • Receive a different possibilities with your energy and MONEY

Call 2:  Generate & Create the Life You’s Like to Live

  • Release judgment and get the tools to step into Allowance
  • Identify Distractor Implants and where you cut yourself off from knowing
  • Learn a specific set of questions that support you to acknowledge the energy
  • Receive 5 major must have key elements to change your money flows

You will:

  • Gain a completely different awareness about yourself and money.
  • Have a clearer knowing of what is showing up and where it is not. And best of all, you will have the tools to change anything.
  • Function from less limitation and points of view that limit you every single day.


BONUS 1: Stand Command & Demand a Different Reality (2 hour call)

BONUS 2: PDF of top questions you can implement immediately

BONUS 3:  Dain’s video “What if Money isn’t the problem, you are?”


What if you don’t step into the power and potency that is available to you?

What if this is what you have been asking the UNIVERSE for?


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