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Earth 3-Part Teleseries


What if you are the change the Earth requires?!! Tips, tools and clearings to develop a greater environmental communion with your Body & the Earth.

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The Earth Teleseries contains 6 hours of tools and processes that invite you to:

  • Develop a greater environmental communion with your Body & the Earth using a specific technique. How does it get even better than this?
  • Explore quantum physics 101.5….”It’s the next step!”
  • Learn about your role in volunteering to be a Universal Surrogate for the planet & beyond
  • Run clearings from the upcoming “Earth” category “Ask A Question Change Your Life” card deck
  • Learn about your self-appointed role as SAVIOR of animals, people and the planet


  • 3 tools for manipulating this reality
  • 5 tools to create the change in your life that contributes to both your body & the Earth
  • 3 insights into distractions which create separation from oneness and clear them

You will also:

  • Be introduced to the founder of a BREAK THROUGH skin-care line that you can EAT! It’s 100% Organic! How does it get even better than that?
  • Gain a completely different awareness about yourself and the Earth.
  • Have a clearer knowing of what is showing up and where it is not. And best of all, you will have the tools to change anything.
  • Function from less limitation and points of view that limit you every single day.

By having these tools in your tool box, you will begin to function from a totally different reality with not only your body but also yourself.


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