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Conscious Fertility and Conception, Pregnancy and Birth


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What if you could change the things you thought were unchangeable? If fertility, conception, pregnancy, and birth didn’t have to be a struggle, what else might be possible for creating our families and our futures? Creations: Conscious Fertility and Conception, Pregnancy and Birth has been brought into the world through a labor of love. Here 15 coauthors are a collaboration of women sharing their personal stories, their insights, and their “knowing” that something different is available for women and for couples bringing small beings into the world. They had a vision of a new possibility for the way we view our fertility, the process of conception, the gestation of pregnancy, and the labor of the birthing process. Each story told, while completely different from the next, captures the myriad of ups and downs involved in the creation of a new life; from the trials, tribulations, and vulnerability of some women’s struggle with infertility, to the exaltation, exhilaration, and triumph of twin babies birthed with laughter. Some of the concepts these authors introduce may stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone. Some may seem down-right implausible. But some, no matter how different they may be from your current world view, will awaken a knowing deep inside you that holds the potency and possibility for you to create your experience of fertility, conception, pregnancy, and birth completely different from what you may have thought possible before. The hope for Creations is that it may expand your life and the menu of possibilities available to you and all your magnificent creations.


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