One month, Susan cleared beliefs I had taken on as my own, from my mother, when I was four.  Since then, my money flows have literally shifted from being in debt to paying my bills. My awareness and intuition has “turned on”. I function at a higher vibrational frequency even with negative influences in my life which normally I would get sucked into!  I have launched a phenomenal global business where I have tripled my number of private clients. WOW!! Had no idea this was possible! Thank you, bunches!

Janie Lin Smith

“We need to understand that we manifest sickness because we have not dealt with something in the past, I know myself that all physical illness has an emotional root cause and sometimes a problem is multi-faceted…. But we can’t always resolve this alone. I have been in terrible pain in the past and Susan has not only been able to resolve it at root cause but it has also helped me to open spiritually. Once you see the bigger picture it makes sense!  I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs an issue resolving, I am truly grateful she is on my team.” Much appreciation.

Sarah Jane Riley

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When I first began working with Susan, I had a lot of uncertainty and ill ease with my life, business, money and family.  Susan has helped in so many ways. Our business has grown 500% this year and money is coming to us with ease. We received 3 unexpected checks in the mail. My relationship with my husband and children is less strained and more fulfilled. The mortgage on one of our rental properties is giving us a free month. I even sleep better most nights and when issues pop up, I know that Susan is only a text, a phone call or an email away.  Susan provides many tools that can be used daily which are extremely helpful.  I love working with Susan! She is kind, joyful, bubbly and always supportive.  If you have struggles in your life and are trying to figure it out…QUIT and call Susan.  Thank you for all you do!

Gina McVey

After my session, I was so at ease, happy, relieved, even joyful!  I haven’t been free like this for months! I could face some issues that I had been avoiding out of fear with actual ease. Plus, it’s a miracle to have opened a letter that same week and my court case was dismissed with ZERO fines.

Thank you, Susan, you are an amazing woman.

Jamie DiSalvatore

Susan has helped me tremendously. She has a natural way of gently guiding me in understanding what is holding me back. My sessions with her leave me with the sense that ANYTHING is possible. I’m a big believer “The Universe has my back” and now I can say with 100% confidence that Susan Shatzer also has my back and She will have yours too! 

Jessica Rosen

Susan Shatzer

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